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An experiential dinner at the Tree Brasserie in Bolzano!

Alternative, anarchic, instinctive and without rules.

The Chef Claudio Melis, together with  Chef Dario Torabi of the Old Friends Bar & Bistro Restaurant in Cagliari and Emanuele Mazzella, Chef of Pasiga´Restaurant by Claudio Melis in Portorotondo, will bring innovative and instinctive cuisine to Bolzano. We have studied a roundup of dishes from snacks to desserts without inhibitions! Acidity, bitters, quinto quarto (offal), “green” dishes for an intense, provocative shared menu with a high cultural content, a manifesto of a new modernity and research in the kitchen. All accompanied by a selection of all-natural wines chosen by the Patron Robert Wieser that will provoke – as well as the cuisine – the most traditional and conservative palates.

Monica Wieser will orchestrate the floor for an evening of elegance and fun. Reservation required.

Cost € 205 per person all inclusive.


7.00 pm: aperitif with snacks in Toma Tapas Bar

7.45 pm: start of dinner in Tree Brasserie

11.00 pm: small speech with thanks

11:15 pm: networking

P.S. Given the particularity of the proposed menu and the philosophy of the evening, we regret but we would not be able to adapt the various preparations to allergies and / or intolerances or different diets